Quesos Pajarete has been making artisanal cheese for more than 10 years. Its founders, José Luis Holgado Carrero and Andrés Holgado, set up the business with great expectations and a promise to always produce cheese which is 100% natural, without preservatives.

We are able to use the best milk, from the Payoya goat and our sheep, for making our cheese in a completely artisanal and natural way.

Quesos Pajarete can guarantee top-quality artisanal cheese with intense flavour.


Our excellent work has earned us high recognition within the sector. Our cheeses have already received awards on no less than 91 occasions during the 10 years we have been in business, both at national and international tasting events. One significant example is the “Super Gold” award at the “World Cheese” event held in the UK. This is a deserved recognition for all the efforts our team put in everyday so that our customers can enjoy the true flavour of traditional goat’s and sheep’s cheese and mixed cheese from our region.

Finally, we would like to highlight our range of Gourmet products, in which we have been increasing our selection of products to delight our customers.

Natural environment and artisanal production

We are located right in the Cadiz mountain range and Villamartin is part of the emblematic Pueblos Blancos of this region. To produce these cheeses, 1,300 sheep and 600 payoya goats graze on the La Lapa estate. They provide us with fresh milk every day which we use to make our cheese.

The key to the quality of our product is in the milk, obtained from our livestock in the Cadiz mountains, making our products unique and able to satisfy even the most demanding tastes of discerning cheese enthusiasts.

With a head of cattle reaching nearly 2,000, we ensure they periodically undergo strict health checks to guarantee they are in a perfect condition. Both the sheep as well as the goats live in a natural environment and eat the natural pastures of our land.

Our facilities at Villamartin, in the mountains of Cadiz

We produce our cheese at our facilities located in the Industrial Estate of El Chaparral in Villamartin (Cadiz). This is where we make our cheese, cream and yoghurt.

We also have a shop where, apart from offering our own products, customers can also buy the best in gourmet products from the mountains of Cadiz: cured ham, cured sausage, local wine, etc.

We also offer the chance to book guided tours of our factory, where visitors can see for themselves the traditional way in which we make our products.

Finally, for those who are unable to visit us, we have an online shop where you can quickly and easily purchase any of our dairy product range and Gourmet products.